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For those who want to know what is a fundament?

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  • For those who want to know what is a fundament?

    I might be starting this a day early but we have a few folks back home that want to see what "this whole Mako thing in Destin" is all about. The plan is to get the boat preped up Wednesday and head to Destin early Thursday morning. Excitement cannot begin to describe the mood. See y'all soon!

    This thread has been modified (not by much) for those of you who want to know (or need a reminder) of what the Funament is all about. I hope to see (in the least) everyone on this thread there. I can't wait to see new folks and see ya'll in Mako Margaritaville come June!

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    Look forward to meeting you. Call if you need anything.
    1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
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      Look forward to meeting you. Call if you need anything.
      1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
      1985 Mako 20c - sold
      Fort Walton Beach, FL


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        Got the boat washed up this morning. It's like Africa hot down here! P'cola is trying to hit a record high of 96. Even the water out of the hose was warm. We plan to stimulate the economy at Walmart this afternoon and then out the door at first light. See y'all then!



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          Checking in this morning. Forecast looks great! GPS is loaded. Leaving at 7:00 a.m. See yah!


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            We got to the hotel early - around 9ish. The receptionist was very nice and allowed us to check in very early. Our first club member to met us was ReelLattitude. Very funny guy! Got the boat in the water and made a quick run over to the harbor. As soon as we turned the corner, I spotted ChuckB and crew. It was great to meet the man and the fam. Harbor Docks for lunch and now it's time to take Triple Crown over to Walmart of provisions and a fishing license. Pictures will be posted tonight. The weather and water are great!


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              Man I miss the chance to get down there to see everyone. I keep hoping I could get off work but no chance. I have been to 3 other funaments down there and had a ball. Time spent with the boats pulled up on the beach was priceless. Have fun all and please be safe. If in doubt put on the vest.

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                Michigan Dave - sorry we missed you this year. Needles to say, day 1 has been amazing. I can't wait to see what the rest of the week-weekend brings.

                To the rest of the friends and family following this, here are some pictures of day one......

                Fueling Up

                Capt'n Ed

                Destin Harbor - slightly different than I remember in the 1980's!

                Found ChuckB and Family!

                Chuck's 224

                LocoMako makes it's first beach landing having been coached by Chuck....

                "Come on man, BEACH THAT DAMN THING!"

                Here is a pair of 22 foot sharks. I remember last year dreaming of our boat being beached next to ChuckB's boat. Dreams are meant to come true!

                More pics of running.

                There is some massive slide and a lot of boats North of Crab Island

                One very happy Mako driver!


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                  Fantastic pictures. Wish I were there already. Hope you guys have a ball. Be safe while out fishing and have a cold one for me.[]
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                    Good Pics. I love "BEACH THE DAM THING"
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                      We had a great day on the water. LocoMako had fish on her decks for the first time ever. We found a few limitations and items that will need to be worked out but overall, the boat ran great. We heard someone trying to contact us on the VHF. Right when they called we had 3 fish on so we had our hands full. We tried calling back but no answer. Sorry we missed whoever it was calling us!

                      Here are some pics of the day.

                      Early morning departure

                      Me and David (Triple Crown)

                      Dad (Locomako) and David (Triple Crown)

                      Got some bait caught for the day. Livewell is going to need some modifications.

                      Our friend Roger and David trying to learn the Garmin.

                      I'm still getting use to driving the boat. But, I like it!

                      Dad's first catch.

                      David's Big Catch

                      Dad's Big Catch

                      My "big" catch. This is a Lane Snapper. The camera does not do justice as to how beautiful this fish looked.

                      Once we got back, we got official weights.

                      David was the center of attention with the tourist and kids. He even got a few kids to hold some fish and have their picture taken. Needless to say, the loved it!

                      More weighing. I wonder how the other boats did today?

                      Greeting us at the dock and helping with the off load was Viking66 and crew. [Gail & Tom] That 17 he has is VERY nice!


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                        Looks like yall had a great day. Fantastic! We got a late start and caught jackshit (2 botitos). Not that I really care though. We beached her and had a great day in the sun. Internets here sucks. Can't post pics from my poptart (blackberry).

                        Lots of new faces this year. Awesome! I can't wait to meet everyone at the banquet. There are some really nice Makos here this year too.

                        I plan to beach at Noriega Pt tomorrow about mid morning and stay there until about 1pm before I go to get cleaned up and take the boat ride to Ft Walton.
                        Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                          I would like to thank Allen and Ed for taking me yesterday, looks to me like I have found more long time friends through CM! We had a great day! Here are a couple more pics:

                          Someone was sneaky with my camera!

                          Ran into some friends catching bait:

                          and the best pic yet [8D][]

                          David, New Kent, Va

                          Project Thread:


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                            fantastic wish i was there.
                            [br]thadeus 1985 224 yamaha250 concord nc


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                              Wish we were there again, Back from Bimini with G.P's Extraviganza,

                              too much for this year to do both so close together.

                              Congrats, first fish, first blood on a beautiful restoration....

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