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    Guys its time to start planning something. I've heard some really great input so far. Sailor and some others have mentioned the Florida panhandle area. I think its a good central location for everyone, so lets run with that.

    I want to keep it really simple this year... Low budget so that we can test the waters for future get togethers. I'll do my best to help put this thing together and I'll try to put together a new T-shirt for the occasion... and we'll try to make it an annual thing.

    We were thinking a day of fishing... No organized rodeo or anything. But maybe some simple prizes like shirts and hats. If its successful, next year we'll work towards a bigger event. I was thinking we can move it around to different locations each year too. Just a thought.

    I'll let Sailor chime in on the rest.

    I only wish I could have my boat ready in time [][][]
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance

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    Thanks for the intro Eddie....

    Here's what it looks like so far. All day Friday and Saturday morning would be the fishing days with a cook out Saturday afternoon on a spoil island in the ICW very near Hurlburt AFB. Sunday would be left for as a fun day or just a day to travel and get home. There most likely will not be a formal fishing tournament so there won't be any entry fees and BYOB and BYOM for the cookout and possible a pot-luck type side dishes.

    There are many islands and one in particular which has a very large flat beach and can accomodate many (50+) boats. There are many hotels in the area and I can work on getting a special rate as well as dockage for those that want to leave their boats in the water all weekend. For those that are real adventurous, you can camp on the island(s) all weekend. (Been there done that many times).

    I have narrowed the dates down the first or second weekend in May (7/8 or 14/15). The Emerald Coast Boat Show is May 19 - 22 so best to do it before then. The fishing is pretty good with cobia season just winding down and warm temperatures, so it should be a pretty fun time.

    Fishing would be out of Destin Pass, or in Choctawhatchee Bay and I will be happy to give out many pre-Ivan GPS numbers for those that have not been to the area.

    I look forward to any comments/suggestions as this is something that has been talked about for some time, and is only now starting to take off.

    As Eddie said, this will be a low key event...this year and depending on the number of people who commit to show up, the get together is free to change.


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      I'm there. I just need the dates firmed up so I can book the condo and make sure I'm in country.

      Also, I'm bookin' Ed on my boat. A guy with no boat is sad, yes, but a good captian to run your boat while you drink is too good to pass up ... []
      Artie Sutherland[br]Rude Attitude -\'76 Mako 25 CC. - SOLD[br]1976 Mako 21[br]2002 Yellowfin 31 - 300 hp Suzukis[br]Gulf Coast, Mississippi[br]


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        Count me in too.... Cobia, Spanish, Kings, and Snapper should be on the menu about that time. I haven't camped on an Island in forever and sound cool. Anyone else plan on camping and are there rest-room/shower facilities?
        Steven[br]1978 Powercat 232[br]One flat broke, the other almost ready to float!!![br]Atlanta, GA


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          Sounds like a plan. Easy to get to from New Orleans. That would be a great time of the year.
          Rooster[br]1977 25CC[br]New Orleans, La[br][br]


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            I will plan to be there. Please keep us all updated as the time gets closer.

            Take care, Murray
            Murray Gaskins[br]Valdosta, Georgia[br]Mexico Beach, Florida[br]Do not tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly,[br]don\'t tell them where they know the fish.


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              Are we fishing offshore? How far? What will we need in terms of fishing licenses or should we outlaw...hehehe. My Mako isn't ready to fish...would I offend if I bring my Wellcraft? Tony
              79 Mako 23[br]85 Wellcraft 18 fisherman[br]Hammond, La.


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                Originally posted by spectrout77

                Are we fishing offshore? How far? What will we need in terms of fishing licenses or should we outlaw...hehehe. My Mako isn't ready to fish...would I offend if I bring my Wellcraft? Tony

                You can fish where ever you want! But if you go offshore, make sure you are prepared. When we get closer to the weekend we will have a listing of captains and boat names so if someone does get in trouble we can help. We will also monopolize a VHF channel as well and any boats are welcome, but Makos go to the front of the line! []

                Here's some info on fishing license's in Florida:

                Annual $ 31.50

                Nonresident 3-Day $ 6.50

                Nonresident 7-Day $ 16.50

                Snook Permit $ 2.00

                Crawfish Permit $ 2.00

                Tarpon Tag $ 51.50

                You can buy them online, but I would recommend just buying one at Wally World or a local tackle shop. The per person surcharge when buying them online is ridiculous.
                1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
                1985 Mako 20c - sold
                Fort Walton Beach, FL


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                  Could we post this on our website?

                  Is this an Angler only, or a Family event?

                  Im off duty from the F.D. weekend of the 14th, will need to know asap if i need a swap for the 7th.

                  Hotel with or without dockage? launch and pull facilities. and or trailer parking?

                  will need room for Fri and Sat.

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                    If we can do it the second week in May, I am in. Having a pig picking 30 year old me galla on the 7th.

                    Anyone near Washington NC is welcome to come !!
                    Thumper Brooks[br]Washington, NC[br]1974 23 Footer[br][br][br]


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                      Thanks for the lic. Fees, But what is the price of a case of Bud? See you all there.


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                      Louisville KY
                      Brad 254 Louisville Ky


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                        I think you guys down South should come up to the Northeast this Summer for a get together!
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                          Gotta remember, Mothers day is on May 9th... Probably need to shoot for the Weekend of the 14th.
                          Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                            Look's like May 14 will be the date. I'll post hotel information soon.
                            1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
                            1985 Mako 20c - sold
                            Fort Walton Beach, FL


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                              Wish I could make it. Sounds like a good time. Have fun y'all.


                              Captain Scott[br][email protected][br]Fort Lauderdale, FL