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A couple of pics from '08

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  • A couple of pics from '08

    Here's a shot of all the great prizes from our sponsors. I can't thank them enough, so I hope ANY of you guys thank them as well. No matter what West Marine, Bass Pro you are in, tell the manager thank you for the support of their company - they all have conference calls each week and will mention it on the call (especially if they keep hearing it, hint, hint) which will only help the future of all Funaments. A huge thankyou to Sportfish Products!

    Not pictured are the two Hooper Rods from Capt. Harry's.

    Another shot:

    The most excellent trophies:

    The Michigan Boys & Ob1Jeeper with some of their loot:

    I'm a winner!!!

    THE cake!!!

    I have some more pictures that will be sent to me soon...I hope...and I will post them as soon as I receive them.
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    Cool Pics... Thanx for sharing...[]

    Again A HUGE THANX to Sailor for the efforts in putting this on... All I spoke with had a BLAST...[][][8D][8D][]
    Working for a livin\' is HIGHLY Over-Rated...[][br]