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2008 Funament pictures

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  • 2008 Funament pictures

    Just a few of a great weekend.

    Sad ride back to the trailer........

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    Cool Pics Artie... Thanx for sharing...[]

    Was a GREAT trip and a good time... Especially enjoyed finally meeting you and the rest of the CM gang whom I'd previously met only via the site...[8D][]

    Hope to be able to come to the gathering again next year...
    Working for a livin\' is HIGHLY Over-Rated...[][br]


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      Great pics Artie, Looks like veryone was having a blast on RudeAttitude this weekend. Got a question, Is that a Shark eating a Maltese in the 2nd picture.. Glad to see everyone got to meet new people and have a blast.
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        It's always cool to see your "Hood Ornament" Artie. []

        Puppy thinks "HE" owns that boat. LOL

        Sorry I missed it. A combination of money and then I came down with the "Shingles". Extremely painful. [xx(]


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          Hi Guys,

          My wife and 2 kids came down for the weekend. We ran the ICW from Perdido Key. It was a great ride, even Pensacola Bay was calm...We got the see ChuckB, whom I know through business. I enjoyed meeting Artie, great guy! We didn't fish the tournament, but we did stop by the awards dinner and bought some T shirts. We had fun and it was an adventure for us. My only question is where were all the CM boats. On Saturday afternoon on the Point we only saw ChuckB and Artie...
          M \"n\" M (Mako \"n\" Memories)[br]1992 221 Mako[br]1992 Yamaha 200[br]Mobile, AL


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            So Adam you are the couple that came in and bought t-shirts!! I didn't know who you were and you left before I could get over to introduce myself. It's nice to hear the trip over was good.

            I know Eddie was back at the condo with his young'uns and I was out picking up the food, cake, drinks, ice, etc.

            If there is a next year then I might change things up a little bit and do something completely different on Saturday so everyone can hang out in the boats all day and socialize. Maybe a mid afternoon cook out at a place on the water.
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              Yes that was us...Like I said, the disappointment was not seeing more Makos and their owners..
              M \"n\" M (Mako \"n\" Memories)[br]1992 221 Mako[br]1992 Yamaha 200[br]Mobile, AL


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                Hey Sailor.....What do you mean "IF THERE IS A NEXT YEAR"? Are you serious?


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                  Sold my house in May and the new addition came along on 6-8, that is the only reason I did not make it. Next year I will be there and bringing 2 more Mako owners with me. As soon as I see a date, I'm marking the calender. If gas will stay down around $3.5, I'm probably driving the boat there! Looking forward to meeting all of you next year and catching some fish! [8D]

                  Robert[br]Fairhope, Al[br]2002 Mako 232 with Twin 130 4s Hondas[br]