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New mako owner!__looking for parts

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  • New mako owner!__looking for parts

    Well, it is still being debated whether or not I have a 19' or 20' and the year is somewhere around '80 (brown deck). It is a center console and I need a new (or used if in good condition) frame rail that goes around the windshield. I know the wiring is pretty basic, but would like to know if there is a wiring diagram available. Thank you and look forward to being on the water soon!

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    Please post pictures, else all you'll get is idle speculation.

    If windshield rail is tubular, you could pretty much make your own. The later cast(?) ones may be hard to come by.

    Wiring diagrams may exist, but on a >20 year old boat, there have certainly been modifications, and available technology since then has changed/improved. So you are really better off just opening up hatches and figuring out YOUR diagram.

    PS - Welcome!
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      decided not to replace the tubing and other small things, but found out it is a '78 19ft. messed with the wiring and found out everything due to what you stated about older diagrams. thanks for the feed back.