The banquet was great. Indoors, cool, and the food was great. Sailor did it up well again this year. [)][)][)][)] The awards were super sharp! Thanks to ScottC again! It looked like everyone had a good time. We had plenty of stuff to auction and raffle out. I think almost everyone came away with something. Even the really little ones had a good time.



largest fish - Artie - 21 lb dolphin

oddest - Matt Evans - shark mangled wahoo

Slam - ChuckB - red snapper, bee liner, king mackeral, grouper


largest - Bear Henley

oddest - Jacklyn Henley

slam - Vicki Ekart


Largest fish - Ms. Chris Evans 10 lb bonito (also caught a bag of mardi gras beads *while* fishing)

Oddest Fish - Mitzi Henly


Largest- Joel Dullary

slam - Ford Henley

oddest - Zoe Everetts

First Fish Weighed - Kurt Prochaska

Sportsman - Jim & Martha Costa (also won the farthest traveled, but once again showed their sportsmanship and conceded the trophy to Jerry Everetts who's trip was only 60 miles shorter)

Farthest Traveled - Jerry Everetts (Port Orange, FL)

Oldest Mako Boat Registered - Bobby Wartman, 1973 Mako 23 (X-Shark)

Golden Ring - Rob from Raybo for his willingness to help promote the

Classic Mako and the Mako way of life.

"The 50/25/25 winners won $97 dollars this year!!!"