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    What a great trip, we had a blast. My GPS said my total miles was 165 miles over two days, and I burned about 70 gallons of fuel. I also learned that while I love how my Expedition tows my boat, at highway speeds you can almost see the gas gauge move. Just a few pics, first is my college roomate David's tuna

    Next is his 'hoo

    Next is my'hoo, which was attacked by a shark prior to the gaff (AND ALSO WON ME THE ODDEST FISH AWARD)

    Last is a pics of us hanging out just inside Pensacola pass at the end of day one.

    We had one more 'hoo caught by Kurt on his first ever trip offshore fishing, but I do not have a pic. Thanks to Ringleader, Steve and everyone else who put this together, we are already planning next year.
    Clearwater, FL

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    I'm going to repower an '89 211 and I am looking real hard at an etec 250. I see that you have one. Tell me about the good and the bad.