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Got my FL license today

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  • Got my FL license today

    Came in the mail today. Isn't that convenient. What did the world do before dumb ass Al Gore invented the internet.[B)][B)]
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    I forgot and went to order yesterday, 7-10 business days, I figured that wouldn't happen. I hope we can get easily Thursday,
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      1st rule of out of state/vacation fishing. Don't ever give up an opportunity to go to the tackle shop, 'cause with the wife in tow... "I'm going to the tackle shop" while you are on vacation just doesn't fly. But, "I'm going to get my fishing license" is easier for her to understand. So, you can get your 3 day license at any tackle shop Thursday and peruse through some new tackle. []
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        I'm trying not to add to my tackle collection until I start using the tackle that I have again.[] At least thats how I rationalize it.
        Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance