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2007 Destin Funament & '06 Feedback

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  • 2007 Destin Funament & '06 Feedback

    Ok, I want some feedback on the funament this year. What did you like and what did you not like? What would you like to see different next year?

    So far, I think the cookout needs to be earlier, maybe 5 or 6 PM. Lst year it was at 3 and no one showed up until 4:30, but this year went a little late. I will also check into getting it catered next year so we (I) don't have to deal with all the food.

    I also think I will add a ladies division next year.

    What else would you guys like to see? More cruising and less fishing?
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    I think the cookout needs to be earlier, maybe 5 or 6 PM

    I talked to Dave when he droped his boat off yesterday.

    He said the motel right beside the one we stayed at was $330 for a whole week and they take pet's too. []

    My bill was $429 for 3 day's just for me.[]


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      I also think the ladies division is a good idea. Keep the kids division or maybe a teenager division.

      5:00 sound about right for the cookout. It will sure be hot if the weather is anything like this year.

      Catered cookout???? What the heck is that? Maybe take turns on the pit or assemble a cooking crew.

      Bobby, I can't believe you didn't use your AARP card. hehehe
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        Steve, We had a blast it was just too short. I think I am going to plan for a week next year. You did a great job and I appreciate all the time, energy, and money you put into it. I personaly am more of a casual fisherman and enjoy just cruising/boating just a s much. I think that if we fished till 1 each day and had a wiegh in at 2 (so that everyone could be present) to see how everyone did then do a coctail cruise or anchor up somewhere-we could mingle more and meet more mako folks and include families. I would have liked to spent more time with some of the folks there but without a set event it was hard to catch everyone. Just my 2 cents. Thanks again and if I can do anything to help with next year let me know.
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          Gotta start the cookout/gathering earlier. Maybe a capt's meeting at Hooters on Friday night. Everything else was just fine.

          We were going to look into getting a condo next year since I am bringing the girls. But we'll need someplace to keep the boat... if I have a boat after hurricane season 2006.[xx(]
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            The earlier cookout would be a good idea. I also like the idea of a women's division. Overall, you did a great job Steve and your efforts are greatly appreciated.

            For those who are considering a condo type deal, I am going to make a few phone calls later next month about trying to book some 3 bedroom condos with a mass deal. Near the condo we normally stay at, there are several condos for sale with boat slips that should be bargainable for a weekend rent. The main issue for me with the boat in the water is having access to shore power.
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              I would be interested in knowing what you everyone did not like about the funament. Please feel free to email me privately or post. I want feedback on how to make this a better event as well as create dialogue for future Funaments for other clubs.
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                I did not like it because while I was working saturday and sunday you clowns were out fishing and BBQ'ing [:x)]
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                  The 5pm dinner is a good idea, I love to cookout and dont think the catering deal would be money well spent. Feel free to delagate more of the work next year. Heck were all family now, just tell us how to help and we will get er done.. We had a ball, stayed in town till tues afternoon and then went over to Arties for a couple days. On monday we went to the big waterslide park in destin and had a ball.

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                    From the pics.... I just wish we were there. Maybe next year. Will follow up.
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                      Ok: I Liked the Pictures, Looks like a Great time had by all![]

                      I did'nt like the fact that we missed it![:-(]

                      I would'nt like to see any changes in the weather or sea

                      conditions from the 2nd to the 3rd annual event []

                      I would like to see reasonable fuel prices for our tow to

                      Destin, as of this writing I'm planning on it for 07 [88]

                      Will stay informed here...I like the condo idea, and or the Motel next door Bobby mentioned! If I can make it I will have plenty of room for crew!!![)]

                      There is a buzz about a Mako Trip to Bimini in 07...![:u]
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                        Originally posted by Manasotamako

                        There is a buzz about a Mako Trip to Bimini in 07...![:u]

                        Really? Wow that would be a great trip.
                        1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog[br]1985 Mako 20c - sold[br]Mary Esther, FL[br][br]