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Problem with Bow Nav Light

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  • Problem with Bow Nav Light

    Hello Everyone.

    I've recently bought a 1983 21B. It is a bit rough but got it at a good price with a good engine so I'm going through the electrical system and replacing everything.

    I haven't had any real issues until I pulled the bow light off and it wasn't attached to any wire.

    Does anyone know what I should be expecting when I try to use some fishing cable to run a new wire through the boat. I can't find any schematics that show where the wire runs under the boat.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    That wire runs all the way aft, on starboard side typically, where it connects to the stern light, from which it runs to the console.

    Yes, it's true.
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      Ohh boy. This sounds fun. Is there a tube/conduit it runs in?


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        Depending on the model...

        Look inside your front anchor locker, or wherever the underneath of the nav light would be. Usually in the upper aft port or starboard of that compartment, you will find a 1" pvc chase tube, that runs down to the same-side stern bilge. From there, you go back up one of the engine rigging chase tubes to get to under your console. And be warned that sometimes the bilge end of these tubes gets foamed up during the build, so you might have to dig a little foam to access it.

        Good luck!
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