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Installing battery switch?

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    Just curious why you didn't purchase the BEP 716 like Dehutch suggested. I agree locating the switch closer to the batteriesis is more practical and keeps cable lenghts shorter. ABYC E-10 requires having fuses provided on cable lenghts over 6ft. I personally do'nt care to have thw switch assemblies exposed to elements. It.s your choice.
    Keyman[br]Paoli, PA


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      I'm curious why a switch that's designed to be exposed to the elements has everyone worried about installing it outside.

      I mounted my batteries inside my console and the switch up high, on the side of the console for easy access. It may see some spray, but the contacts are inside the console out of the elements. So, any corrosion should not be any more than the rest of the electrical system.


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        Im helping a buddy with a rewire on his 261 and this is what I came up with for the battery shutoff switches/VSR mounting. The slatted cover plate still fits over it to give it some protection and hide them.