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Electrical problem, looking for thoughts

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  • Electrical problem, looking for thoughts

    Family requirements forced me to purchase a new boat, a dual console, and give up my Mako 191. I went with a Sailfish 245 DC which is 4 months old and I have a problem with my GPS/chartplotter/sounder. Factory installed Garmin 1042 xsv. Problem first started last weekend when the depth and water temp display "froze" no matter where I went the reading never changed. It was reading the bottom and scrolling and I could see the depth change from the bottom display, but the depth number and temperature in the upper left corner didn't change at all. About that same time I noticed that I was no longer getting a heading display. Today I went out, and it wouldn't stay on. Checked all the cables everything seems ok. The only way I can get it to turn on at all is by turning my battery switch off, wait a second and turn it back on. The Garmin will start to boot up, and will run for anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds or so, before shutting off. Battery switch on 1, 2 or both makes no difference. Thought it might be a loose connection somewhere, but played with it in the driveway, no difference. Both batteries are fully charged, I checked all battery connections, everything is in order and tight as far as I can see.

    Another odd thing, and I'm not sure if it's normal, or related, if I have the stereo playing, and I turn on the baitwell, or bilge pump, or freshwater pump, the stereo and the VHF radio both stop for a second, and then come back on, they don't turn fully off.

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated and super curious if anyone else has the same thing with their radios. Thanks in advance. I purchased the boat in Florida and now it's at my summer home in NJ, so bringing it to the dealer is not really an option and don't want to bring it to the dealer that didn't sell me the boat.

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    It's odd that these electrical issues are all happening at once. It might very well be in the boat wiring.

    You could try connecting the Garmin directly to a known good battery (maybe from your vehicle?) to see if it stays on. That would tell you if its the Garmin unit or the boat wiring that is causing the problem. If you try this, make sure you use an inline fuse.

    I had an issue with a Lowrance unit powering off randomly. A software update solved it.

    Maybe Garmin Support can help troubleshoot.
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