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  • Show me your LED interior

    Would like to add some Blue Led interior lights to my 1977 mako 25. Since my boat does not have any under gunnel areas, unless I mount lights in the rod holders and leave the doors open, I am limited where I can put lights and keep the look clean. Anybody with this style of boat who has put LED interior lights in and would be willing to post a picture I would be grateful.

    In addition, what lights do you like? I was looking at these POD SMD lights which are supposed to be very nive...anybody use them?

    Link to lights
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    I would do them on the console and then I would use Lumitec rail lights on T-Top. They can be dimmed with a normal switch and can be white/Blue
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      This probably doesn't help, since you mentioned you don't have access under your gunnels.

      I bought $8 strings of 12vDC LEDs from Amazon. 2 years and going strong........


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        My sig pic has mine. Boat on left. I used strips from chris at coastal night lights.
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          On our 25's you are pretty much limited to surface mounted LEDs. Tripplecrown did a great job retrofiting the old Mako light housings with LED and they work really well.
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