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Tach isn't working

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  • Tach isn't working

    A friend have a 78 21 with a 91 225 Johnson on it. The Tach isn't working and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how it is supposed to be wired? thank you

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    so i cant tell you how the wiring is but i will tell you about an experience that i am currently going through with my 93 johnson 200 ocean runner. Recently my tac started to act up. It would either work normally or it would jump up then back down to zero. I replace the tac still wasnt working correctly. Then the other day it seemed to start working correctly. I ran the boat for about an hour. Motored Seemed like it was running fine. Put the boat on the trailer and pulled it out of the water. After pulling it up the ramp and i was getting ready to put straps on the boat i thought i smelled electrical burning smell. I looked back to see the blue smoke of death coming from the motor. I pulled the cowling and noticed smoke pouring out of the power pack. I shut the electric off and it stopped. I turned the power back on and the smoke started back. The stator and power pack was just replaced maybe two years ago and i havent put that many hours on the motor. Im still waiting to get the motor to a mechanic to find out why this happened and luckily happened at the ramp and not in the middle of Charlotte Harbor. So not sure if your buddies tac is acting the same way but if it is just tell him to careful.


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      My experience is that on the Johnson, Evinrude when the tack is inop, the regulator is shot and needs to be replace - Is the engine charging underway?
      Check for charging as this is a secondary sign