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  • Toggle to Rocker Switch Conversion

    1986 Mako 254

    Previous owner did some questionable or "less than impressive" wiring in the console (used household speaker wire in a few spots, among other things) and a lot of the terminals are corroded or falling apart. Some of my gauges work intermittently due to faulty connections. I am thinking about just gutting it all and starting over. If I do, I would like to switch (pun intended) from the toggles, which have a fuse (some of those are missing or not even connected), to a Rocker Switch.

    My question is do I need Rockers with fuses or not? On the Rockers without fuses, are they built in or do you need a separate fuse panel somewhere? How do I select the proper or amperage protection or are they one size fits all?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question - but I am no electrician and usually avoid electrical work, but thought I better learn sometime. I have spent some time online and just can't seem to find good info.

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    I would use resettable circuit breakers. When I re-wired my Mako, I used a Blue Seas switch panel that included both. Easy connections and simple to power the entire panel off a 60A main breaker from the battery.


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      First remove all the faulty wiring. Purchase Marine rated tinned wire minmum wire gauge #14AWG for lights and larger gauge #12AWG for pumps depending on loads and total lenght. Blueses has a number of options for switch panels. Suggest looking at circuit breaker protected toggle switches. Look at Blueseas fuse panels for control device protection (VHF, GPS and radios). Tabulate all electrical loads to determine main circuit breaker ampacity. Hope this helps. Could provide an Excel spreadsheet of suggested electrical components with wiring diagrams.
      Keyman[br]Paoli, PA