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  • Help with NMEA 2000 question

    Hello electrical gurus,
    I repowered late last year with twin 150 Suzuki Fly by wire. When they were rigging i had them hook up the NMEA 2000 Connection to my Garmin echomap 94SV so I could get data easily on the fly. I recently put in a Fusion Black box radio with NRX 300 remote and hooked into the existing NMEA connection which in turn runs thru the Garmin so I can run the radio from it as well. One thing I didn't consider was that in order to have the radio function on the remote or the Garmin is that the NMEA connection has to be "on" i.e. key switch on which in turn is running my VST's on both motors which isn't good. I can turn the Key off And the radio will continue to play but i have no way of controlling it from either the Garmin or the remote since the NMEA connection is powered down. Did i screw up in my connections or is this a "thats the way it is" scenario???

    1983 Mako 254/1999 Sport Nautique GT-40/1997 Sea Doo GSi/ 1984 Surf Jet

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    I don't think you screwed anything up, but if you want to run the radio with remote with engines off, then the radio, remote, and NMEA2000 network need to be powered withe key off. So they'll need to be powered from a fused (maybe separate switch too if you want) source. I think running with the Garmin and engines off might be desirable say drift fishing or anchored over a spot so that should be on a non Key controlled power source.

    That's how I wired my setup, if we stop at the sandbar I shut the Garmin down.
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      How Would you go about powering the nmea from a different source? I have extra switches I can tap into but the current nmea set up hooks my motors up to the garmin as well

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    The NMEA backbone should have its own power feed, that and the Garmin ideally would go to the same source. Whether thats Battery (after the cutoff switch) or to a toggle switch you dedicate for those. What else do you run off the NMEA that you may want to run motors off?


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      nothing I have to get under the Console and look for the power wire for the NMEA and relocate it I didn't know if it was in the wiring harness for the motors or how it got Started but obviously now it is powered off my key switch which sucks

      1983 Mako 254/1999 Sport Nautique GT-40/1997 Sea Doo GSi/ 1984 Surf Jet