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  • Last steps in restoration..

    Finishing up a restoration on a 1972 19' Mako with a v4 115 1984 Yamaha on it. While putting the boat back together I am having trouble getting the external oil tank to push oil to the motor and the ignition sound is constantly on unless you turn the key to off, though the motor will still run. So overall I have an ignition that wont turn off and the engine isn't getting enough oil from the external tank. Is it possible that the old wiring is reconnected incorrectly or is the new wiring interfering with the problem. Any input and diagrams are helpful, trying to get on the water as fast as possible.

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    Hvae you checked the large oil tank in the bilge to make sure the pump motor is working? if it works and if it was like mine the float in the tank on the reservoir on the block could be setting off the key switch alarm because the tank on the motor isn't full. Under the large tank that pumps to the small tank on the block there is a filter. If it has sat for a while I can about guarantee that filter is plugged and needs to be changed.

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