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    I hope to just raise some awareness here that could potentially save a life in the future.
    One month ago I was visiting a friend in Destin and helped him with some glass work on a project boat he picked up. After several days of work, we took the boat out for a shake down run. After 20 mins of running there was a catastrophic steering failure that caused the motor to pin full right at speed, ejecting the driver and myself from the boat. The boat continued to run at half speed in a tight circle narrowly missing me and striking my friend(RIP). If he were wearing the kill switch lanyard he would still be with us.

    I've never worn my lanyard while operating my own boat in the past but now I will never operate it without it. You just never know what can happen in the blink of an eye. Stay safe out there and wear your killswitch lanyards.
    Please dont post any specifics if you are familiar with the story out of respect for the family.
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    Geez Slack....what a tragic experience. My condolences to you and the family of your lost friend.

    Thanks for sharing and bringing light to the importance of wearing the kill switch lanyard during watercraft operation.

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