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heads up - spray gun on sale

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  • heads up - spray gun on sale

    FYI – Just passing this along.
    Harbor Freight has HVLP gravity fed 1.4mm tip spray guns on sale for $9.99 until 6/23/19.
    At this price they are almost one use disposable.

    Capt Mud Flat[br]\'73 Mako 232[br]Mandeville, LA

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    Great price!

    At the standard $12-15 they are still one use disposbale in my opinion. I usually use one to spray a few coats of primer on a project, then another for the final finish coat. I've noticed that about 5% of these guns I buy are defective out of the box- so be sure you have extras on hand. I keep a few of the defective ones around for parts. Most of the defects seem to be in the internal passages. The tips, needles, and fan sprays are usually good so you can spruce up an "old" gun with the new bling.