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Mako 241/261 baitwell overflow and tank drain hose size

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  • Mako 241/261 baitwell overflow and tank drain hose size

    Hi guys so in redoing my boat it seems like the previous owner decided that with twins on the boat it would be a good idea to glass over the original scuppers in the hull and let the baitwell overflow and fuel tank top drain go right into the hull.

    I'm interested in putting the scuppers backand I'd like to put the original sizes back in. Does anyone know what size the hoses were for the baitwell overflow and tank drain? I think the overflow was 1.5" but I'm not sure and I cant find anything on the tank drain

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    Is there any chance this boat may have no ever had the thru hulls from the factory? Looking at photos online of 241s and 261s it seems most have scuppers other than the top transom ones but some dont look like they do?


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      no telling what was done but you can do whatever you want. are you using the infloor livewell? You can make it very easy with a drain straight through the transom and connected to the lowest point of the livewell, install a standpipe to get your water level were you want it and then pull it out to drain it. had a seacock on the transom and you can close it off.
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