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21 Mako Stepped Stern Trim Tab Solution

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  • 21 Mako Stepped Stern Trim Tab Solution

    I have a 1990 Mako 210 W/A which has a unique stern with a step between the chine-to-strake and the strake-to-centerline. Talking with Bennett as well but if anyone has real world experience on a trim tab solution please advise. A 6" x 12" and maybe even a 9" x 12" will fit between inside the chine to the strake which doesn't come close to the guideline of one inch of per foot of hull = 21" wide with 9" chord. Side comment: based on that guideline, and I'm not saying it's inaccurate, almost every boat I've ever seen has moderate to grossly undersized trim tabs...
    1990 Mako 210

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    Dang. Look at that hook in your hull! As for the trim tabs the 224 is similar. I'd put it about where your tape measure starts.