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1983 Mako 21b Questions ( Draft depth)

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  • 1983 Mako 21b Questions ( Draft depth)

    I've recently bought my boat and now that I've updated the GPS/Fishfinder, redone the entire electrical, radio, etc. I'm looking for a boat ramp that will be good for beginners so I can practice putting my boat on/off but will also be a good spot for me to go into the bay. ( I live off Galveston Bay).

    Most people here have very shallow draft boats because galveston bay is so shallow ( I didn't know this before I bought my Mako but NO REGRETS AT ALL ).

    Because I have a deep V boat I am obviously going to draft more than these bay boats but I'm wondering what exactly my draft is? Could anyone tell me?

    With this information I think I'll be able to choose a ramp that will accommodate me.


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    The 1983, 21's draft is 12". has all the specs.


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      I have an '85 21B, depending on how loaded you are and if the batteries are moved forward 12" is about the right number. I know with a full tank (86 gallons), batteries under the console, 3 people rigged for fishing its right at 12".

      Don't forget your lower unit will stick down below that so thats the real number to know. But for a biggish boat (at nearly 22ft) she really will handle shallower water than modern CC boats of her size.


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        Last fall before i pulled my 21b for the season I stuck a tape measure in the water from a row boat I was in and measured it, I was currious. I have my batteries under the console, and a '94 Yamaha 225, and had a 3/4 full tank. I have my oil tank in one of the rear fish boxes, and some other odds and ends probably totaling 15 more pounds in the rear boxes. I was getting 16 inches, and the deck drains were still well above the water line. My guess is the draft numbers that boat manufacturers provide is hull only, I dont think it's possible for that boat to only draft 12 inches fully rigged. 12 inches up from the keel does not even reach the chines.
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          I have a 2001 0x66 200. Oil tank in one of the rear boxes. 1 Battery under the console and other battery in the back.

          "12 inches up from the keel does not even reach the chines."... if this is the case she must draft around 16 inches like you said.

          I'm going to go the easy route and drive to a boat ramp by some deep water until I get to know her better.

          Thanks for the replies.