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WANTED Mako 15’ classic Tri hull

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  • WANTED Mako 15’ classic Tri hull

    Looking for a classic mako 15 Tri Hull I believe the production years are 1973 through 1975. This was the first boat I ever owned and would love to own another one please call or message me if you are selling one or know of one for sale 516.660.9842
    thank you,

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    I have a 1974 Mako 15, have been restoring it for 2 years now. I have not seen many of these on the forum, though there was one that the owner has started to pull apart (including removing the deck). I did not have to rebuild the frame under the deck, but have done most everything else. Not sure I would want to part with the Mako, and I am out here in Washington state! A little distance from you.
    Mark Kriz
    Mako15 1974
    Honda 60 2018
    Maple Valley, WA